Friday, 23 October 2015

God will never let you fall

God will never let you fall

Have you ever heard (and seen!) a baby when his or her mother puts him or her down for a second, whilst she goes out and does something else in a different room?  First there is this absolute amazement on the baby’s face.  Then the bottom lip starts to quiver.  With a great noise the baby puts his or her arms out to the door – through which his or her mother just went.  And, still crying, crawls after her.  “Separation anxiety” the psychologists call it.  The fear that his or her mother will leave him or her.  That she will not come back.  That she no longer loves her baby.  Because where did she go to?

Not only babies react like this.  We also suffer from “separation anxiety.”  The moment things go badly, we immediately think:  Where is God now?  Why did he not prevent this from happening?  Many times you hear someone say, “God has forgotten about me.”  We all know the feeling.  That terrible feeling of aloneness.  Isolation.  When it feels as if even God has left our side.

That is why Paul writes this chapter.  To remind us that separation anxiety is totally unnecessary for a Christian.  One of God’s promises is that nothing will ever separate us from him.  When bad things happen tot us, he never slips around the corner or leaves the room.  He never splits when we are having a crisis.  He is there.  Always!!

Do you believe that God will keep his promise?

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